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The simple fact is that if you have a pool you will need a reliable and cost effective supply of quality pool chemicals Cairns if you are going to keep your pool sparkling clean, safe and looking good year round. This is where the pool chemicals Cairns store can assist as we have a fully stocked shop with everything you could possibly need from water clarifier to hydrochloric acid, from stabiliser to pH balancer, from pool salt to even sunblock - everything you need under one roof.

Our pool chemicals Cairns store is also very accessible with parking right by the front door and a convenient location in the inner suburbs of Cairns that is open 6 days a week. When you need pool chemicals Cairns to be supplied promptly then we are here to assist you and because of our location we are easily accessible for customers all throughout the region.

Our pool chemicals Cairns store is also staffed by a team of pool experts who really know their stuff when it comes to pools and their maintenance and they can help you get the right product that you need to treat the conditions of your pool. Got a problem with black spot or other algae in your pool? No problem, our pool chemicals Cairns store has a product that will work for you. Have cloudy pool water? Easy! One of our friendly team can recommend a pool chemicals Cairns product off the shelf that will solve your problem. In fact there isn't a worthwhile pool chemicals Cairns product we don't stock. It's in our ability to find the pool chemicals Cairns products that actually work and supplying them to our customers that makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Ever walked into one of the mega hardware stores and tried to get some advice on pool chemicals Cairns? Chances are that the shop assistant knew nothing more than what they could read on the back of the pool chemicals Cairns product. At Cairns Pool Shop we ensure that all of our staff are fully cognisant of their industry and know the answers to pool related questions immediately when clients come into our pool chemicals Cairns store.

If you have a situation where your pool needs some assistance with getting the chemical balance just right simply bring some of your pool water into our pool chemicals Cairns store and we can examine it on your behalf and make some simple recommendations as to what products you should be using. Can't come into the store? No problem as we also run a sister business that specialises in on site pool maintenance so we can go between your location and our pool chemicals Cairns store easily to ensure you are getting the correct products.

Pool Equipment Cairns
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When it comes to pool chemicals Cairns it doesn't have to be a grey area. With our teams ongoing training in the pool chemicals Cairns industry and our years of experience in the pool maintenance field we are in the prime position to offer you real advice that will work.

When it comes to pool chemicals Cairns it's best to enlist the assistance of a professional in the field as some of the products that are sold as additives to your pool can be caustic, corrosive and potentially damaging to you and your family health. At Cairns Pool Shop, the leading supplier of pool chemicals Cairns, we are the first choice for many locals who want to get the most out of their pool and keep it clean and healthy all year round.

If you need any help or advice with pool chemicals Cairns then call us today on 0466 873 322 or visit our other website for more information on pool servicing www.cairnspoolservices.com.au



Your Local Authorised Agent For Zodiac & Magnapool

Zodiac strives to deliver the perfect pool experience that enhances comfort, enjoyment, and peace of mind for pool owners.

Cairns Pool Shop is an authorised Titanium distributor for all Zodiac pool products in the Cairns region and we can assist with all the best advice, the full product range as well as servicing, warranty repairs and maintenance.

With Cairns Pool Shop you're in safe hands.

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With years of experience in the pool industry already on the board, Cairns Pool Shop has the knowledge and expertise to continue providing the best products and to supply the best service to all pool owners and builders in our tropical climate.


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Cairns Pool Shop and Cairns Pool Services is well known and trusted in the local area. We are experts in pool cleaning and renovations and have a convenient retail store where we stock only high-quality pool chemicals and equipment.


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When it comes to providing all the best products to look after your investment then Cairns Pool Shop is always your one stop centre offering real value for money for all discerning swimming pool owners.


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Cairns Pool Shop is located at:

Shop 3/200 Scott St Bungalow
Corner of Scott & Newell Street


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Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday 8.00am – 12.30pm


Cairns Pool Shop is the leading business in the local swimming pool equipment industry and draws on years of hands on experience and pool equipment manufacturer training to remain in front of our niche market. If you require quality Pool Equipment Cairns you'll find what you need at Cairns Pool Shop with a range of genuine parts and accessories as well as consumables such as pool salt, pool chemicals and pool additives. Our pool equipment range extends to items such as Pool Pumps Cairns with the highly regarded and internationally acclaimed Astral products among other leading brands. When it comes to Pool Supplies Cairns it's an easy decision to entrust the team at Cairns Pool Shop to look after all of your pool needs as our commitment to the swimming pool market extends to our selection of only the highest quality and market tested products ensuring you get the right product with the right advice every time. If you need items such as salt, chlorine and other Pool Chemicals Cairns you'll find them all at Cairns Pool Shop today and, with our expert advice, avoid the hassle of getting the wrong product for your application.

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