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Need Pool Equipment Cairns? There's only one place to look!

If you need pool equipment Cairns then there's only one place that offers expert advice, friendly service and an inventory of parts that have been developed by the leaders in the pool industry to ensure your pool stays in the best condition. Will and the local team at your newest pool equipment Cairns specialist store are a highly qualified and dedicated group of people who have a passion for all things pools.

In North Queensland, having a pool for your family to enjoy has become almost a stable necessity and along with this comes the responsibility to maintain all of the pool equipment Cairns that are required to keep the pool in great condition. Our pool equipment Cairns has all been specially chosen by our independent company from all of the greatest manufacturers to ensure we can give our clientele only the highest quality products. Better yet, all of our in stock pool equipment Cairns is available right here and right now meaning you don't have to wait for delivery from down South and that means you'll get the parts and products you need promptly and efficiently.

Even more wonderful news is that our pool equipment Cairns store is conveniently located in central Cairns with ample free parking right out the front. No need to think about carrying your pool equipment Cairns purchase down a long car parking lot of the local hardware store. In fact, Will and the team will probably even carry your pool equipment Cairns to the car for you so you can experience what it used to be like when a business of this type provided customers with good old fashioned service with a modern efficiency.

It's easy to see why we have rapidly become the best pool equipment Cairns supply business. With more years working in the pool equipment Cairns industry than any other local retailer in our location we have seen it all. Our business initially began as a pool maintenance business so when it comes to finding the right pool equipment Cairns we have seen first hand how difficult it used to be. Turning this problem into a solution is how we managed to grow so quickly to be one of the areas premiere pool equipment Cairns retailers.

We also work with dozens of local pool technicians to ensure they have the right pool equipment Cairns to keep their clients pools in the best working order and have been a major contributor to keeping some of the most award winning pools in the region sparkling all year round.

Because of our vast experience we have been able to only select the best pool equipment Cairns products to stock in our store. Whether you need pool cleaning products such as vacuum heads, hoses and brushes or hardware such as pool pumps, chlorinators, cells, pool lights or even robotic cleanrs - we have the best range available right here at our pool equipment Cairns store on Carnation Drive.

Every item in our pool equipment Cairns retail showroom is 100% backed by the manufacturer warranty which means you can get real peace of mind when making a buying decision from one of the great products in our store, and that's wonderful news to anyone who wants to maintain their own pool to perfection.

Whatever the pool equipment Cairns that you require you can rest assured that if we don't stock it in our available products, it probably isn't worth you spending money on as we only distribute the highest quality items in our store. For pool equipment Cairns there's only one logical choice and our products are backed by a fully dedicated team of pool experts who really know how to help you.

IIf you need pool equipment Cairns, please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0466 873 322 or visit our other website for more information on pool servicing

Pool Equipment Cairns
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Keep your pool in top condition
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Our highly skilled and passionate team can transform your pool to look like it was installed yesterday. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, whether it be providing expert advice in store or maintaining your pool to the highest standard - we are here to help!

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When it comes to providing all the best products to look after your investment then Cairns Pool Shop is always your one stop centre offering real value for money for all discerning swimming pool owners. We stock everything you need for your pool from pumps and chlorinators to lights, cleaning equipment and much more.

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About Cairns Pool Shop
Cairns Pool Shop is a family owned and run operation

Cairns Pool Shop is engaged in the sale of swimming pool consumables, equipment, accessories and provides pool cleaning and pool maintenance services. Our operation is based firmly on the provision of the best quality equipment, the highest levels of service and swimming pool maintenance thereby eliminating confusion. This allows all our clients to fully appreciate and enjoy this significant investment into their lifestyle and quality of life.



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Unit 4a, 172 Mayer Street, Manunda

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Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm
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Cairns Pool Shop is the leading business in the local swimming pool equipment industry and draws on years of hands on experience and pool equipment manufacturer training to remain in front of our niche market. If you require quality Pool Equipment Cairns you'll find what you need at Cairns Pool Shop with a range of genuine parts and accessories as well as consumables such as pool salt, pool chemicals and pool additives. Our pool equipment range extends to items such as Pool Pumps Cairns with the highly regarded and internationally acclaimed Astral products among other leading brands. When it comes to Pool Supplies Cairns it's an easy decision to entrust the team at Cairns Pool Shop to look after all of your pool needs as our commitment to the swimming pool market extends to our selection of only the highest quality and market tested products ensuring you get the right product with the right advice every time. If you need items such as salt, chlorine and other Pool Chemicals Cairns you'll find them all at Cairns Pool Shop today and, with our expert advice, avoid the hassle of getting the wrong product for your application.

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