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Finding the right pool pumps Cairns can sometimes be a real headache. Let us help you take the guesswork out of the equation.

As the leading pool technicians in a Cairns Pool Shop showroom, our team have seen a lot of horror stories when it comes to people choosing the wrong type of pool pumps Cairns. There are many scenarios of where this has been experienced such as a user selecting a pool pumps Cairns product that is too small or underpowered for the job right through to case studies where we have seen the results of buying an item such as this based purely on price. When it comes to pool pumps Cairns there are some options that may seem too good to be true, and that's most likely because they really are. At our pool pumps Cairns store we have chosen a range of pool pumps which we have first hand experience with as being reliable, energy efficient and suitable for the task at hand of its application.

With a range of high quality pool pumps Cairns in stock now and ready to be dispatched and even installed by a qualified pool pump installer from our store, you can't go wrong if you need a reliable and quality pool pumping solution. And, with great brands available in the pool pumps Cairns range such as Astral, Onga, Pentair, Hayward, Jandy, Intex Krystal Clear, Purex, Sta-Rite and Waterway to name a few you're sure to get all options covered.

The most wonderful news is that our Cairns Pool Shop only stocks products that we know are of the highest quality and our pool pumps Cairns range is no exception. The reason why we have only chosen products of the highest quality is because we have spent years as the leading pool maintenance business in the region and in that role have seen some brands of pool pumps Cairns that have had failures that other manufacturer models have not. Due to this experience it is a likely progression that we would come up with a short list of manufacturers of pool pumps Cairns that we have seen first hand as being of superior quality.

We can even assist with fully qualified pool pumps Cairns installation as well as any repairs or maintenance that may be required. Adding more peace of mind is that every single pool pumps Cairns products we sell is fully covered by the manufacturers warranty and we can even assist with carrying out repairs if necessary.

Pool Equipment Cairns
Pool Pumps Cairns
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Whether you have a big or small pool, or even just a spa, the pool pumps Cairns choice you make will have a dramatic impact on the overall quality of your pool water, your energy consumption as well as other factors to keep in mind such as noise, aesthetics and safety. With a choice to purchase and even install a pool pumps Cairns product from our class leading retail showroom you are assured that you are attaining an item of the highest quality with the most successful track record of reliability and efficiency.

If you are considering installing a new swimming pool, want to upgrade your existing pump or have a concern over your energy consumption then choosing a highly efficient pool pumps Cairns item from our retail store is imperative. Not only is it convenient, with easy front door parking and our central location, our staff are highly knowledgable in everything relating to pool pumps Cairns and the right solution to fit your desired application.

Talk to us before you make your pool pumps Cairns buying decision so you can get the best advice in the region as to why certain pumps are good and why others should be avoided. Rather than going into a store where the shop assistant has never even cleaned a pool before (Let alone installed or serviced a pool pumps Cairns product) and taking their limited advice, you can now come into Cairns Pool Shop 6 days a week and get advice from someone who has been in the industry for many years. By doing this you are assured that the pool pumps Cairns product you do buy will last you many years and provide trouble free operation.

Drop in and see Will and the expert team at Cairns Pool Shop and walk out today with the very best pool pumps Cairns available right here, right now.

If you want to know anything about pool pumps Cairns then call us today on 0466 873 322 or visit our other website for more information on pool servicing www.cairnspoolservices.com.au



Your Local Authorised Agent For Zodiac & Magnapool

Zodiac strives to deliver the perfect pool experience that enhances comfort, enjoyment, and peace of mind for pool owners.

Cairns Pool Shop is an authorised Titanium distributor for all Zodiac pool products in the Cairns region and we can assist with all the best advice, the full product range as well as servicing, warranty repairs and maintenance.

With Cairns Pool Shop you're in safe hands.

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Cairns Pool Shop

With years of experience in the pool industry already on the board, Cairns Pool Shop has the knowledge and expertise to continue providing the best products and to supply the best service to all pool owners and builders in our tropical climate.


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Cairns Pool Shop and Cairns Pool Services is well known and trusted in the local area. We are experts in pool cleaning and renovations and have a convenient retail store where we stock only high-quality pool chemicals and equipment.


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When it comes to providing all the best products to look after your investment then Cairns Pool Shop is always your one stop centre offering real value for money for all discerning swimming pool owners.


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Cairns Pool Shop is located at:

Shop 3/200 Scott St Bungalow
Corner of Scott & Newell Street


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Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday 8.00am – 12.30pm


Cairns Pool Shop is the leading business in the local swimming pool equipment industry and draws on years of hands on experience and pool equipment manufacturer training to remain in front of our niche market. If you require quality Pool Equipment Cairns you'll find what you need at Cairns Pool Shop with a range of genuine parts and accessories as well as consumables such as pool salt, pool chemicals and pool additives. Our pool equipment range extends to items such as Pool Pumps Cairns with the highly regarded and internationally acclaimed Astral products among other leading brands. When it comes to Pool Supplies Cairns it's an easy decision to entrust the team at Cairns Pool Shop to look after all of your pool needs as our commitment to the swimming pool market extends to our selection of only the highest quality and market tested products ensuring you get the right product with the right advice every time. If you need items such as salt, chlorine and other Pool Chemicals Cairns you'll find them all at Cairns Pool Shop today and, with our expert advice, avoid the hassle of getting the wrong product for your application.

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